About Us

We are a home based business that specializes is quality hand crafted
custom 1911 pistols.  Having worked in the firearms industry since
1997, we have gained considerable knowledge about what a custom
firearm should be.  My wife and I started shooting hand guns in the
early 1970s and I began to shoot competitive bulls eye in 1977.  I
decided that I wanted to learn how to work on my own guns and being a
machinist by trade I knew I had the skills necessary to do so.  I began
doing small modifications to our own firearms to make them more
accurate and reliable.  By the 1990s, we decided we wanted to compete
in IPSC shooting and we bought a couple of Colt 1911s.  I did
modifications to them for our own use in IPSC.  Once we shot for a
while, we began to have an interest in open class IPSC competition
shooting which required a Race gun chambered in 38 super.  Back
then, you had to have a pistol smith custom build an open class pistol;
you could not buy them then as you can today.  I built two open class
custom 1911s for Vicki and I.  I still have mine, and it is pictured in our
picture gallery.  Other shooters started to ask me to build guns for them
since mine performed so well at all the weekend matches we attended.  
I started building Open class 1911 pistols for local shooters.  By 1997, I
found myself working for one of the major gun stores in the Pacific
North West.  Along with my own business I worked in the gun store as a
master gunsmith where I trained several apprentices who went on to
work at other gun shops across the country.  I worked at the gun store
until 2005 when my home based business-building custom 1911s had
expanded to the point that I no longer had the time to do both.  My wife
and I still shoot at a local out door range where we test fire all of the
custom 1911s we build before we deliver them to you, the customer.  
We test fire to insure all guns sent to our customers will be reliable and
accurate pistols that you will be proud to own.  We do all of the work
ourselves in our shop, nothing is out-sourced.   We have complete
control over our finished product.  Our pistols are built one at a time
using only the finest parts and materials.  All of pistols are hand crafted
with attention to the smallest of details, as we know from all of our
experience shooting and building guns what a shooter expects from a
custom firearm.  We strive to bring you the best quality built custom
1911 pistol at a very affordable price.  We offer complete custom
scratch built pistols as well as custom packages we perform on your
existing pistol.  We will continue to keep up on new parts and finishes as
they are developed in the industry and will make them available to you
in the services we offer.

                                     Dave & Vicki
                                  D & V Small Arms
Machining Frame for Grip Safety
(Custom work, repair & modification)
We are a Licensed Manufacturer of Firearms
FFL # 9-91-033-07-2D-02956
verifiable on ATF EZ Check
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